This is how the little girl didn’t notice the attack of a snake. The amazing timing saved her life

by banber130389

Sometimes miracles happen in our life and we don’t even notice them. The video bellow shows a girl suddenly meeting a snake while she was just running and having fun. Fortunately, there were no sad consequences in the end.

The three-year-old girl is a resident of Thailand. The other girl running with her is her five-year-old sister, and they were just out playing and having fun. They were filming how they were enjoying their time, not even expecting to catch this shocking moment on camera.

The snake appeared from the bushes very unexpectedly, and was hidden there very well. That is why no one noticed it before. The little girl is very lucky and her little steps and fast running helped her to not be a victim.

As she didn’t even notice him, she wasn’t afraid and that won’t leave her a trauma, that is a very good fact about this story too! Tiana justj umped over it without even realizing it. Check out the video bellow to see that moment. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members, and warn them to be careful. That way you can also support us. Now watch the shocking moment!