This is how huge his head was when he was born. How does he look now

by banber130389

Being different from the society is very difficult nowadays, and it is a very sad fact. But sometimes there are cases, when people are not different from other with just their appearance, but they have other illnesses that cause it and make their life even more difficult.

This story is about how Joseph and Victoria had a baby that was different from others. They learned about this shocking fact when she was at her 5th month of pregnancy. They knew that their son Gavin was going to be different, but they still wanted him to be born.

The wonder boy was born in 2018 on February 1. Everything seemed to be okay with the baby’s height, weight, but his face was just very huge. Soon the pictures of the boy started being shared in different social medias, and soon journalists noticed this family too.

There were held multiple medical procedures and surgeries during the first months of his life. Everything fortunately went successful and the boy survived everything, despite the fact that his appearance stayed the same.

The boy is now already 4 years old and enjoys a full life. He knows he is strong and may face difficulties in life sometimes. Gavin tries his best to be a full and active member of our society. Share this with your loved ones too and thank you so much for reading!