This hippo’s funny video is one of the most legendries with 42 million views! People couldn’t stop laughing

by banber130389

Sometimes animals can be funny and make millions of people lough without of course realizing it. This perfectly worked especially with wild animals, who we are not used to see outside, or casually doing some funny things. It always seems strange, and even the existence of the zoos couldn’t change this fact, they still look extremely unique and special to us, and that is how it should be.

Today we want to share with you not only unique, but a very funny video of a hippo, that has been watched more than 42 million times! It has been shared on YouTube already 11 years ago, and is a very legendary video.

The hippo gave the zoo visitors a very “unexpected” experience, which surely stayed in their memories forever. He farted loud and made all people gathered around him lough. They were laughing but they were surely super surprised too! Watch the funny video bellow, we hope you will have a good day!