This friendship between a baby elephant and an ostrich will melt your heart. They are inseparable

by banber130389

Animals are very pure and innocent creatures. It is always very beautiful to watch how they build a strong bond with people. But there is something more special about a bond between animals, especially when they seem very different from each other.

Can you ever imagine an elephant and ostrich together? Well, the main heroes of this story are them and they have become best friends for each other.

This beautiful relationship has started in one of the animal-care centers in Kenya between the elephant Jotto and an ostrich Pea.

Center’s staff noticed how they preferred to spend most of the time together instead of being next to animals looking like them. This claims about the huge emotional connection they had together. They had trust and love for each other.

They really loved napping together and every day at a certain time of the day they met at the same place, hugged each other and had a sweet nap.

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