This friendly dog ended up in a cage as he was considered to be aggressive. This is what happened to him after

by banber130389

We live in a very unfair world, where even rules sometimes don’t help. Living creatures don’t get all the love they actually deserve and this is just a sad fact. Stray animals around the world face challenges and survive day by day, abandoned animals face hate and difficulties, and the list goes on and on.

The video bellow shows a Great Dane named Gonner. The poor dog was abandoned to the Carson Animal Shelter as his owner was no longer able to care for him. The thing is that this facility is known for being a high kill place. This means that dogs and cat who end up here have no chance of survival…

The one-year-old wonder needed a forever home. It is very painful to watch him sitting in the cage being full of life, active and with a bright shine in his eyes. The shelter he was in was claiming that he was being agrassive, but the video bellow clearly shows how friendly and terrified he is. Fortunately, other shelters soon reacted, and the little one is adopted now!

Watch the video bellow to see in what kind of situation he was before getting adopted. This touching scene is easier to watch, knowing that he is now enjoying his time in his forever home. Watch it bellow!