This friend group saw a cow in the middle of a deep lake. This is how they rescued her

by banber130389

The rule of nature is that you always need to help each other. And this is about animal-people relationship too. There are many stories about people saving lives of animals, and the opposite, animals saving people’s lives.

This story is about a cow, who was saved from drowning by a group of friends. They were out boating and saw a cow in the middle of a deep lake. The cow had no chance for surviving without anyone’s help.

But the video shows the power of team work. It was surely difficult for them, as average cow is very heavy for human’s strength. But they managed to do that. They were very caring and did everything possible to not hurt the cow and rescue her in the safest way.

In the end of the awesome rescue video, you can see how the cow is safe, standing on the land. We are really very thankful that kind people like this friend group exist and don’t save any effort to save animal lives!

Watch the incredible rescue in the video bellow. We hope you will love it. You can support us by sharing this with your friends and family members too! Enjoy watching!