This elephant “asked” their human friend to sing her little friend a lullaby. They are adorable

by banber130389

A very interesting fact about elephants is that they love listening to music so much. They sometimes may even have favorite song, or an artist.

We want to share with you a story that is a perfect example of this. The elephant and her human friend have a ritual together and they can’t live without it. The main hero of the story is the elephant named Faa Mai. She is an Indian elephant. And Lek Chailert, her caretaker.

Faa Mai was rescued when she was very little. She became a resident of the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand. And here she found so many human friends, and as they are very intelligent animals, they enjoy human company so much.

Her caretaker has always sung her lullabies and sometimes other songs ever since she was a little baby. It was the best way to calm her down when she was being anxious and to help her sleep. She is now 9 years old but this is still a ritual for them!

Soon baby Thong Ae was rescued and joined Faa Mai. They immediately became friends together and refused to leave each other since the first day together.

And here Faa Mai wanted Lek, the owner of the park, to sing the same songs for her new little friend too, staring at them and waiting for him to sing.

Watch the video below and enjoy the two beautiful elephants and their human friends. We hope you will love them and their story. You can support us by sharing this article with your friends and family too. Enjoy watching!