This dog was diagnosed with cancer. Here is how his owners celebrated his 11th birthday

by banber130389

It is very painful to witness how your beloved pets, who are a complete part of the family, struggle with illness. It hurts so much and owners do everything to brighten their days and make them feel better.

This is the story of Pitbull named Wallace, who was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma months ago. Owners were very upset finding out that their dog had cancer.

The caption of the video bellow says, that the doctors predicted that Wallace had just week left, but he managed to celebrate his 11th birthday after months. What is this, if not real happiness!

In the video bellow you can see the celebration of his birthday. He had a cake in a shape of bone for his birthday, and seemed to love it so much! He even had a huge box of presents and was very happy do unbox and see what was inside.

The caption also reads that he once was an unwanted dog in a shelter, and it makes you feel better to see how he is happy celebrating his 11th birthday surrounded with love and care of his forever family. It really melts hearts. Watch the video bellow, and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones too!