This dog owner and his dog had a little “family fight” and here is what did the dog after leaving the house

by banber130389

It is not a secret and is proven fact by scientists that dogs sometimes are able to experience emotions too, for example fear, joy, anger, and of course love towards their owners. Another more difficult emotion for them is guilt, which may not always be available to them.

This story is about a golden retriever who never was upset or felt guilt for what he had done. The dog named Jin Mao was upset when his owner expressed his indignation about what he had done.

He hid under the table and refused to come out. When he was left without attention for some minutes he managed to run away from the house in the evening. And of course his owner was worried and immediately started lookin for him everywhere but couldn’t find him.

The owner was of course very worried and was searching him and hoped to find him in the morning. And here by lunchtime, Jin Mao returned home without anyone’s help. It seemed like it was an ordinary day for him and nothin had happened. This was a sign that he hadn’t been in danger. He was in his full playful mood.

Of course, his owner was wondering where his dog was all that time and a note taped to the head of his pet helped him for finding the answer of his question. The man who owned a grocery store on a nearby street noticed that Jin Mao was wandering into his house and even managed to dine on meat pies that were for sale.

He ate his food, that he “earned” himself and found a comfortable place to rest. But of course, they knew he had owners and had the idea of writing a note.

Now his owner had to pay not only for shoes, but also for pies that he had eaten without permission. This is how funny dogs can be sometime and get offended from situation where they were the wrong ones.

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