This courier is a real hero of our timees. This is how the surprise organized for him went

by banber130389

This is the story of Anthony Gaskin, an ordinary courier from the US state of Virginia, that has become a real hero for his city’s residents.

The pandemic was on its worst in 2020, everyone was afraid to go out, meet people and communicate with anyone. But here Anthony wasn’t afraid to go out and deliver orders, as he knew people needed that and someone had to do it. He really did a huge job that needed to be appreciated.

The residents of the Hallsley area decided to express their gratitude to the real hero of our times and prepared a surprise for him. And one day, when it was one of Anthony’s ordinary working days they decided to work! It became truly special and memorable for him thanks to people who appreciated what he did!

The townspeople organized a flash mob for him. They went out into the street where Mr. Gaskin lives with posters and pictures in his support, applauded for a long time and thanked Anthony for what he did. There were children too, which made him more emotional.

“We appreciate his hard work and dedication during the pandemic. Thanks to him, at-risk families received food, supplies and even New Year’s gifts” said the residents of Hallsley.

The man had just arrived in his van and saw the flash mob. He could not hold back his tears as he didn’t expect anything like that to happen to him. He couldn’t even think that his neighbors and superiors would do anything like that and thank him. At the end of the flash mob, he received a gift from his management. Anthony’s story proves that even an ordinary courier can become a hero in difficult times. No matter what you do, if you do it for people around you, it matters, you matter, we all matter…