This child’s reaction is priceless when the father asks what the dog is doing in his crib. they are adorable

by banber130389

When children grow up with pets, they are most likely to be kind and know how to treat their environment the right way. They learn how to care about someone else, and what is more important, they learn what responsibility is. In one word the impact of pets is only positive for them.

The video bellow shows an awesome family video. It shows how the dog and a little baby boy sit in his crib together. His father decided to film that precious footage and luckily shared it with us too!

He was asking if the dog was going to take a nap with Chris, and the little boy seemed very excited about that idea. He looks very happy having his friends next to him, one in the crib and the other one standing next to them.

You can clearly see how strong their friendship already is. Pepper, their beautiful dog, looks very calm and happy to be in the crib too. They both knew Pepper was not allowed to be there, they just loved the idea of being together.

Watch the precious video bellow, we hope you will love it and it will make you smile. Be free to share this with your friends and family too, that way you can also support us! Enjoy watching!