This boy is just a year old but already knows how to cook. Watch Kobe cooking on his own

by banber130389

Whatever little kids do looks adorable. They dance, sing, draw and everything melts hearts. The hero of our story is Kobe who does something else, he cooks! He is a food chef and already has his own millions of followers on Instagram who always wait for new updates from him.

As Kobe’s mom says she never expected hid videos to go viral and become popular, but she is surely happy that now his son’s hobby is interesting for so many people around the world. He is already very confident in front of cameras and does all naturally and they always have perfect video results.

Kobe is only a year old in the video bellow, but already knows how everything is being done, pouring liquids perfectly, holding everything on his own. This is actually a big achievement for just a year-old boy, and his audience perfectly appreciates it.

Watch the video bellow, to see some adventurous moments from the process, we are sure Kobe will make you smile and you will become his new fan. Share this with your friends too, that way you can also support us! Thank you for reading, now enjoy watching the professional!