This bear was in cage for years only training for circus, but he was finally rescued and here is him enjoying his freedom

by banber130389

Wild animals should live freely in the nature, and that is the only right place for their habitancy. Unfortunately, circuses stayed in our society and exist for many centuries. And the main part of circuses are wild animals.

They are being trained to entertain the audience, and most of the time they are very good at that thanks to their intelligence. But of course, they feel free and complete only in the nature.

The main hero of the story is a bear named Synochok. The poor bear was caged for so long and didn’t have a chance to completely enjoy his childhood as a free animal. And healing your inner child is not only an issue for people. Animals can have childhood traumas too, and this is what Synochok had to go through.

Synochok was rescued from a family of circus trainers in 2018. He didn’t have any freedom, which is the worst thing for a wild animal. They are born for being free and enjoying their freedom, and not being in a circus entertaining people, and not even knowing what is going on when they are on stage.

The shelter that rescued the animal gave him the best gift ever- rolling around in a special safe area, he finally had an opportunity to enjoy his time, play however he wanted and just be a bear as he always wanted to.

Watch the video bellow and learn more details about the bear, and what is more important see him enjoying his time and healing his inner child. We hope you will love this. You can support us by sharing this article with your friends and family too, enjoy watching!