This bear cub was captured swimming with a little bear toy. The cutest thing ever

by banber130389

We are so lucky to witness everything about wildlife that is far from our sight. And cameras are the ones who always help us do it. Toogee Sielsch being a wildlife enthusiast gifted us this precious scene of an orphaned bear cub named Tamarack.

Tamarack was in a bad condition as his paws were scorched in flames, and the cub needed strict medical attention. This is how he was rescued from a wildfire in North Carolina and ended up in a wildlife care facility to be treated there.

He always lived his life as he would in the wild, provided with everything for that. This was also necessary for his faster recovery. In the video bellow, he was captured swimming in South Lake Tahoe Pool as always but something unique is there that melted everyone’s hearts.

He grabs his bear toy from the water and swims with it acting playful and happy. It is the best thing to see wild animals being happy about little things! They appreciate little moments which makes them even more adorable.

Watch the video bellow, and see that precious and adorable moment, we are sure you will love it. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too, that way you can also support us. Enjoy watching!