This adorable 2-year-old girl went viral with her rendition of Adele’s song “Someone like you”

by banber130389

There is nothing more adorable than a kid singing a song while messing the lyrics and mispronouncing the words. Sometimes they don’t even pay attention to the meaning, they just like the song and learn the words by heart. They just show their charisma and their future opportunity to be excellent artists.

We want to share with you this 2-year-old’s adorable video where she signs Adele’s all-time hit “Someone like you”. The cute girl is Makena, who has absolutely heart melting voice and smile.

This is why her video went viral after being posted on YouTube and gained more than 14 million views. Everyone adored her and watched her video over and over again. She deserves even more views and attention for sure.

Her adorable and precious smile make the video times better and addicting to watch. She probably doesn’t even understand the meaning of the words she sings, but she feels the song and catches the melody, that is what matters.

Watch the video bellow, and we are sure you will love her voice and her cuteness will make you fall in love. Be free to share this with your friends and family too, so they can have their piece of positivity for today too, it . Enjoy watching!