This 5-year-old’s conversation with 911 operator is truly incredible. She did such good job saving her dad!

by banber130389

Sometimes children can really amaze with their abilities, knowledge and mature mindset. There are so many stories about how they handled difficult situations and ended up being heroes. Here is a story like this that is about a girl, who saved his father’s life.

His father had chest pain and when he realized he was in trouble he called 911. But when it was time to talk and inform about his emergency he was struggling to breath and couldn’t talk. Here her daughter Savannah was there to inform what was happening.

The conversation she had on the phone doesn’t seem to be a conversation with a 5-year-old. She sounds very smart and mature, without panicking and knowing that they are only people who could help her dad at that moment.

She went to unlock the door, and told her dad “Don’t worry, okay?”. That was probably the cutest part of this phone call. She was calm all the time, and gave all the basic information they needed and basically saved her dad’s life.

The 911 operator did a very good job too, and made the girl stay with her father and make sure he was awake, till the ambulance would be there. Watch the video bellow to learn more details about this amazing case, we are sure little Savannah is going to put a smile on your face with her fantastic conversation. Be free to share this with your friends and family too, that way you can also support us, enjoy watching!