This 3-year-old flower girl is more special to the bride than you think. Here is how she saved the little one’s life

by banber130389

We have our guardian angels in our life, and they appear as people. Once you find them, they will be the most precious people in your life. They will make you and every moment of your life special. We want to introduce you this touching story, that you will surely love.

Wedding days are one of the most important ones in our life. We do everything to make it unforgettable, and for the hero of this tory, Hayden, it was surely magical, as she had a very special guest. Three-year-old girl named Sky, who was diagnosed with leukemia before the age of one. Her life was changed forever after meeting Hayden.

Hayden’s bone marrow saved the girl’s life. She was very happy to see her as her flower girl, and also see her whole family there. In her words, they made her day even more magical. She didn’t feel any fear or hesitation before helping the girl. She was sure she wants to help and save the little wonder’s life.

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