They showed how perfect Irish dance looks like. The talented kids were just shining on the stage

by banber130389

Culture, music and art have the strong ability to unite people from all around the world. They are a perfect way to discover everything about other cultures, and maybe find a piece of your soul in one of them. We want to share with you the veery impressive dance and musical performance of this Russian group, that you will surely love!

Lotkev Ensemble is on the stage, performing in the video bellow. The talented kids presented everyone mesmerizing “Walking on Stones” Irish folk dance. It is worth mentioning that this musical group has a legacy dating back to 193. Imagine how important each performance is for them.

The kids were just shining on the stage. It is clearly seen how much effort they put in their show, and it surely was worth it. The audience enjoyed every second of the music and the dance. Irish dancing is very popular around the world, but it is still a very difficult dance, and not everyone is able to present it this perfectly.

Watch the video bellow to see their flawless performance, we are sure you will enjoy watching it. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family too, that way you can also support us. Enjoy watching the professionals.