These twins were asked by their dad to say a prayer together. They are simply adorable

by banber130389

Watching siblings doing something together is always cute, they simply brighten your day. But there is surely something very special about twins. They have a different bond together and are also unconditionally cute.

In the video bellow they were asked by their dad to do something very special for him – say a prayer. At first, they didn’t agree to say it together, but then when they were asked again, they finally did it together. Somewhere in the middle they hurried, somewhere forgot some words, and that is what makes it even more adorable.

Source – screenshot youtube (B A)

The video has been shared on YouTube back in 2011, now this little wonders surely have a great memory to look back at. They are simply pure souls who are natural and are just being themselves without other things.

You can watch their precious video bellow, where they say a prayer together. We are sure their magical energy will brighten your day and their cuteness will make you smile. Be free to also share this positivity and kindness with your loved ones. Enjoy watching!