These toddlers imitating to do pushups will make your day. They are the best and the funniest

by banber130389

The first and the best example for little babies are always their parents. They are the ones, who they see from the first day of their birth. That is why they love doing everything their parents do, and try to always imitate them.

Source – screenshot youtube (BIG DADDY)

It is the cutest thing to see how they do things in their own way and with their own rules, but they still make it obvious that they try to repeat what they see.

In the video bellow you can see toddlers, trying to do pushups, run or lift heavy equipment for sports. In one word, do everything their father does.

Source – screenshot youtube (BIG DADDY)

They don’t need any effort or strength for doing pushups. They find easier ways like shaking their head, or just lying on the floor and moving their body.

Watch the video yourself and see the cutest and the funniest videos of them being “physically active” with their parents. We are sure they will make you laugh and feel full of positivity for the whole day. Enjoy watching and be free to share this with your loved ones too!