These people met their gorilla friends after 4 years. This is how the gorilla immediately accepted the new member

by banber130389

Nowadays nature and animal world sadly have many problems that need our solutions. We are happy to see many programs and foundations that do everything they can, to help in the recovery of our planet.

One of the Aspinall Foundation’s projects was done to help gorillas get back into the wild as their number in western lowland has dropped by 60%. And here people who took care of them returned to find gorillas they had worked with, to check their reaction.

They didn’t meet each other four years, and here he returned there with his wife, so it was also interesting what reaction they would have towards her too.

They were very careful and showed professionalism in their communication. The most important for them was to make sure they were relaxed and were not afraid from approaching them people.

But we all know that they are very intelligent animals and their heartwarming meeting succeed. The gorilla soon showed signs of being friendly, and just minutes later, he was already friendly with his new friend Victoria.

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