These innocent dogs didn’t deserve to be punished like this. The overreacting of a woman led to this

by banber130389

Sometimes life is being unfair to us and offers us challenges that seem to be nightmares that stay in our memory forever. This is how these two innocent dogs had tragic end, they didn’t deserve it…

Marshall and Millions were friendly dogs. They took public transport, often interacted with strangers. They never harmed anyone. Just two friendly dogs living their best life.

But one day they were out for a walk and met a mentally unstable woman on the street. She was also walking with her dog, and overreacted, showing as if Marshal and Millions were going to hurt him.

This is why the two dogs were shot by the police in front of his owner’s eyes. It was very tragic and the whole social media doesn’t want to admit this fact…But as we mentioned above, we live in an unfair world, where sometimes kind ones lose.

Just the difference between their size doesn’t mean that they are going for walk just to find someone and act aggressive towards them. They never were aggressive and were always friendly towards everyone. You can watch more details about this story in the video bellow…