The woman found a living sand dollar. Here is what it looks like when it is alive. Most people haven’t seen this

by banber130389

It is the best decision for people who love discoveries to go to the beach. A trip to the beach will always be interesting and full of surprises. Exploring all of the natural beauty of the ocean and its creatures is very fun and entertaining. Strolling the sandy beach to collect seashells and sand dollars is very relaxing and gives your mind calmness and piece.

This is a story about how one woman picked up a particularly interesting sand dollar that surprised her. Sand dollars are actually living organisms, but often some people don’t know about it. But mostly when people gather them, they find the dead ones.

And this is why finding a living sand dollar is very rare, and if you have found one, you can say that you are special. The woman in the video bellow can say that too, as she has found one. Some people don’t even know what living ones look like, so here it is!

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