The woman captured a massive herd of elk gathered outside a house. The wild nature is truly amazing

by banber130389

It is unusual for us to see wild animals just in the streets. They are meant to be in the nature, and enjoy their beautiful life. But of course, nature is around us, so escaping this kind of situations is impossible. Sometimes they end up in random places, and create unusual view for people.

This is a similar story, that has also been captured on camera. This happened back in 2019. The video bellow shows how a massive herd of elk gathered outside a home in the small-town Gearhart, Oregon. Imagine looking out of your window and seeing them, staring at you and just walking around.

Of course, they are cute, but wild animals remain wild, and it is not clear what to expect from them. A woman from the neighborhood managed to record the unusual moment. She kept distance for her safety, but managed to get a perfect footage of the confused animals, who didn’t know what to do and where to go.

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