The tallest man in the world is a dad now. Everyone on social media wonders what his son looks like

by banber130389

The height that is accepted for men is 165 centimeters and for woman the average is 154 centimeters. Growth depends on many different factors: on genetics, on the quality of life, on the work of the hormonal system and other things.

That is why there are many different heights and you will never know what features to expect for your newborn. And this is how giants can unexpectedly appear. The tallest man in the world, who is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, is a Chinese man.

Bao Xishun was born in Mongolia. At first, he developed the same way as other children his age. But then there was a sharp jump in his growth. Now his height is over 256 centimeters.

Just because he was different from others, he did not get a good job for earning for living. He also could not arrange a personal life for a long time. At the age of 56 Bao still didn’t hav his own family. He was searching for a partner all over the world and never lost his hope. But in 2007, Xishun finally got married and found the love of his life.

His chosen one was from Ulan-Khad and her name is Xia Shujuan. The girl is 30 years younger from him and their height difference is 70 centimeters. She has a completely normal height. The couple’s wedding was on March 24, with a confluence of numerous reporters. It was sponsored by about 15 Chinese companies.

Shortly after the wedding, Bao and his wife had a son with a weight of four kilograms and a height of 59 centimeters. The father is very happy to experience what it’s like to be a parent. He hopes that Xishun Jr. will be as tall as him and maybe be able to build a successful career in basketball or other sports.

Now the boy is already a 13-year-old teenager. He develops according to age norms both in height and in weight. But this can change anytime as Chinese doctors say. They are not able to make any certain predictions, because his father also grew up as a completely ordinary child until the age of 15. So, now everyone on social media is waiting for an update from this unusual and beautiful family.