The talking dog. Do you agree that this could be the best dog video on the internet?

by banber130389

As time passes you can find more and more interesting, hilarious or educational videos on the internet. Whatever you want. People get more and more creative and we want to share with you a very positive and funny video that will make you smile for sure.

The video bellow has been shared by the YouTube channel called “Talking Animals”. You probably already guessed what kind of video it is. A talking dog! The voices are placed very realistically and are in match with every movement of the animal.

We also think, that if the dog really had the opportunity to speak in that kind of conversation, he would probably say the same things. That is how realistic the video is! The German Shepherd won many hearts and went viral gaining more than 208 million views.

In the video bellow, the owner tells the poor dog about all the tasty food that he took out of the fridge and ate them himself, and even gave to the cat but nothing for the dog. The dog’s reaction, facial expressions and movements are just placed perfectly with the voice.

Watch the video bellow, we are sure you will like it. And, don’t forget to share this with your loved ones to make them smile too. Enjoy watching!