The talented raven that creates real abstract art. Watch how she does it with ease

by banber130389

Nature will never stop amazing us, and we surely will keep discovering more and more about it. There is a real sensation living in Tropical Butterfly House Wildlife Conservation Park in England. We introduce you Odin, a very smart raven that left everyone speechless with his talent.

Odin can draw abstract drawings with his beak. She uses the brush with his beak and easily draws with her favorite colors. And he knows what she is doing, she enjoys the whole process of it, and of course the moment of getting treats. Odin is already a professional in this as it has been years she is drawing.

This started years ago, when the workers accidently discovered about the unusual talent of the raven. She was interested in paints and day by day she learned how to do it. Now her pictures are even being sold, as many people really want to have an abstract picture in their house, drawn by a raven.

Watch the video bellow, to find out how Odin does this. If you loved this story, please, share this article with your friends and family too, that way you can support us too. Enjoy watching the process of creating unusual art.