The story of the world’s oldest dog. He turned 30, literally growing up with his owner

by banber130389

We want to tell you the story of the world’s oldest dog. He is a Portuguese guard dog named Bobi. He is such a sweet boy, and he still has a little face of a puppy and cute expression on his face. When Bobi turned 30, his owner Costa was very happy to break a record, imagine spending 30 years with your lovely pat, that is real happiness.

In spite of being a 30-year-old puppy, Bobi looks wonderful. His owner was only 8-years-old when he was born, and they had literally spent the biggest part of their lives together. This is really impressive and rare!

Bobi’s breed is not even known for living that long. They live from 12 to 14 years, but Bobi is very lucky to live to see his 30s. Everyone living around knows him, and they all love him so much. He is kind, patient and calm dog.

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