The story of the rare green puppy that was born on an Italian farm

by banber130389

A resident of Sardinia, farmer Cristian Mallochi raises sheep and is just the most regular farmer. He did not even think that he would become famous throughout the country one day. His beloved shepherd dog Spelakkia gave birth and he was surprised to see that one of four puppies was green!

The rest of the puppies were of a typical white color, all like their mother, but the young Pistachio, as he was called, surprised with a soft green shade of fur. In addition, the unusual puppy turned out to be larger and more active than its counterparts.

Mallochy decided to keep it for himself, for good luck. The rest of the puppies already have found their new homes, but Pistachio is destined to grow into an excellent shepherd dog!

As the local veterinarian explained, the phenomenon is well studied, although it remains rare – no more than a couple of cases per year for the whole world. Imagine having that special puppy!

But over time their green shade comes off and is being rarely noticeable. Only owners, who know about the special feature of the dog will notice it. But what is more important, it doesn’t have any negative impact for the puppy. He is growing strong and healthy.

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