The story of the lion that loves playing with a soccer ball. His reaction when seeing it is priceless

by banber130389

Wild animals living in the zoo have their own strange and unique preferences. They have the opportunity to discover things, that animals living in the wild won’t have the chance to experience in their life. The lion named Triton is a pure example of this. He was born and raised in the Johannesburg Zoo. He always loved playing with the ball, and he discovered that it was his favorite toy, when he was still little.

The woman in the video bellow tells Triton’s story, and throws a ball for him to play. You can see how happy and excited he is to see the ball. He actually plays with it, and enjoys his time. He is chasing it, and trying his best to protect it, so other lions won’t get it.

Triton loves playing soccer, and is always waiting for the staff to give him his favorite toy. It is really very adorable to watch how he plays and enjoys his time. This means wild animals still can have their weird preferences, if they have the opportunity to experience them.

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