The story of the friendship between a woman and a wild bear family. They trust each other as real friends do

by banber130389

Building a bond with wild animals isn’t a common thing. Animals sense people very well and won’t let anyone near them. They choose people they want to be friends with and trust only them. This story is really very cute and amazing, and it tells about the friendship between a woman and a wild bear.

Everything started when Susan moved to a new house that was bordering a state park. Soon she had guests she would never expect to have. A wild bear started showing up around her house more and more often. She was not alone, and brought her little cubs with her too.

The woman was of course surprise from her guest, but not scared. She found a way to communicate with them and it turned into a strong friendship. The bear trusted her so much, that left her cubs in her garden and left for some time, then again came back. This is another level of trust from a wild bear.

In the video bellow you can see how she even learned commands and could easily close the door when it was needed. This is truly an amazing story. Watch the video bellow and learn all the details about this unique bond, and how the woman managed to do all of this. Don’t forget to also share this with your friends and family members, enjoy watching!