The story of quadruplets who were born 11 years ago. This is how they look now

by banber130389

It is a rare case to give birth to more than 2 babies. They are usually having special bond and huge emotional connection with each other. Here is a statistic that shows how rare it is. Only one out of 64 million give birth to four children at once. We want to share with you this amazing story about four girls.

A woman named Yulia found out that she was pregnant with four children. It was a shocking news for doctors and for the woman herself. The pregnancy was full of risks and the doctors even suggested her to terminate the pregnancy, but the woman simply refused.

The pregnancy went well and the dour children developed and the same way. But the doctors always mentioned that they were not sure what would happen during the birth. But fortunately, the day came and everything went well.

In the pictures you can see how her four beautiful daughters look. They are absolutely adorable. We are sure they are proud of the decision their mother made years ago, risking her life.

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