The story of conjoined twins who have been separated. The doctors did what seemed to be impossible

by banber130389

The birth of conjoined twins is very rare. It is also very dangerous for their life, as separating them is not possible most of the time. It is too risky for their lives, and parents and children just admit the fact that they have to live with it their whole life.

This is the story of conjoined twin girls. In 2019 a very difficult and risky operation was held by Dr. Carlo and Pope Francis, who visited Central African Republic for the surgery. Ervina and Prefina Bangalo, from Mbaiki, were successfully separated, and the doctors managed to save their lives!

More than 30 doctors were involved in the surgery, and the preparation of it took two years. The chances of success were high, as the doctors were very well prepared. Their mother now has another dream. She wants her daughters to become doctors and save lives! This is very touching and adorable!

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