The story of a very large family. They show all the real chaos that goes on inside of the family

by banber130389

There are so many people around the world who dream of having a large family. But it is very important to know how difficult life can be when you have a large family. Providing for them everything they need is difficult and requires hard work and so much effort. But paying for everything is not everything. Parents should also give each one individual attention and love, so emotions and feelings should also be controlled.

The video bellow talks about a large family of Rod and Michelle. They have been married already for more than 28 years. Dr. Phill informs that they were waiting for their 13th child in the video shared already 4 years ago. Which means their family is bigger now!

Their grocery shopping costs them more than the house payment, and this already explains and shows how their family life goes. They show all the real chaos of having a large family. Children with different personalities and preferences, and even already adults, who don’t have so much in common with their younger siblings.

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