The senior couple receives standing ovation after their energic dance performance. They are unrepeatable

by banber130389

The Rock That Swing Festival is a dance event that always manages to unite all music lovers from all around the world. From England to Argentina, Korea and Norway. It provides a combined stage for classic swing dances such as Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Shag, Authentic Jazz and etc.

We want to share with you an unrepeatable performance from there, that is surely very unique and special. And this is why. The performance is by a senior couple, who astonish their audience with their fresh moves and skills. They are awesome!

Dietmar and Nellia receive standing ovations, and they surely deserve it. They prove that age is just a number, and you can do whatever you want, and whatever your soul feels like. The video of their performance has been shared on YouTube, and since then has been watched more than 41 million times!

Check out the video bellow to see their amazing moves, energic dance, and astonishing skills, we are sure you will love it. Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends too, that way you can also show us your support. Thank you for reading and being with us, we appreciate it. Enjoy watching!