The seemingly calm puppy was not who he said he was

by banber130389

The hero of the video was a beautiful, very good-natured and calm baby Yorkshire Terrier. The pet quickly proved to its owners that you should not trust your first impressions. When the dog settled into his new home, a little grown up, he showed his true self.

The puppy was very mobile, cheerful and mischievous. Now the dog runs around the room like a wind-up dog and his energy is comparable to a new battery.

The owners assume that the calmness they saw when they bought the puppy would only return to him in his old age.

The video quickly gained a lot of views, and viewers left comments:

“I have two dogs of this breed, and I can tell you they’re a little crazy.”

“These dogs can’t boast of being sedentary, they are very active.”

“When we got a puppy, we also thought he was very calm, but it turned out to be different.”