The school task confused everyone on the internet. Can you solve it?

by banber130389

The knowledge we take from school is actually very valuable. Of course, not everything will be needed in life, but most of it will surely be useful for you at least once. We want to share with you a task from a school textbook, that has confused everyone on the internet. It is easy but difficult at the same time, let’s see how difficult it will be for you.

The equation itself looks like this: 8 ÷ 2 (2+2) = ?. The most common answer that people get is 16 or 1, but is it actually, right? If you have the same answer, keep reading to find out how to solve it.

The explanation is like this: action in brackets, then multiplication, then division. Thus, a unit is obtained and it looks logical. How do you get a different answer? In fact, everything is not so difficult. You just need to do the division first, and then the multiplication!

Remarkably, both responses may be true. When determining the sequence of operations within mathematical bounds, there are two most used systems. Division is preferred in the second one, while multiplication still holds priority in the first. Such an equation would not be taught in a classroom today. That’s the reason it would spark so much debate. Naturally, the calculator is also unable to provide an answer.

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