The pika singing as Freddy Mercury. A video that will make you smile with no doubt

by banber130389

People nowadays are very creative. The internet is full of funny, entertaining and creative videos, that we watch every day and they have become an inseparable part of our lives. The video that we want to share with you went viral, and watching it you will claim that it had all the reasons to be poplar.

The video shows a pika, who was named Mercury by the internet users. At first it looks like a simple nature video, where the pika chills and watches around, but when he opens his mouth the legend Freddy Mercury’s voice starts playing. The famous notes immediately will make you smile!

It is funny how the voice matches his mouth movements very well. Whoever did this is a real genius and made the whole internet be obsessed with this video. It has been watched almost 9 million times only on YouTube, but it is everywhere and in every social media.

Check out the video bellow to see the singing pika’s funny video, we hope this will make you smile and you will have a good day! You can support us by sharing this with your friends and family members too, enjoy watching!