The parrot had to say goodbye to his human. They spent together 25 long years together, their goodbye was caught on camera

by banber130389

We always talked about the emotions of animals and we will continue to do it. they can feel happiness, sadness fear and other emotions and feelings. That is why you need to be careful with them too.

The video bellow is very touching and heartbreaking, as it shows how the little parrot experiences grief. The parrot’s name is Sinbad, and the poor animal sadly had to experience the loss of its human, who he had been living with for more than 25 years…

It is not a secret that people and pets almost always have a very strong bond together and living without each other seems impossible when you think about it. When talking about this we mostly imagine dogs and cats, but parrots are very devoted pets too. They are very intelligent and the other interesting fact about them, is that most of the time they can outlive their owners.

The video bellow shows a very sad moment of a woman and her parrot. The woman in the video is super weak and in that difficult time of her life, her parrot is right next her sharing her pain with her. He was there all the time, gently standing on her arm, trying not to hurt her, as if he knew it could be hurtful for her.

The saddest part of the video is the woman telling him that she loves him. Watch the touching video bellow, that is a perfect example of a perfect friendship between a person and an animal…