The parents tell the funny story about how the MRI picture of their son looked like an alien

by banber130389

If you are looking for a fun and light story to fill your day with some positive energy, you have found the right article. We want to share with you a very funny and cute story about a baby and her mom, who thought for a second that there was something wrong with her unborn baby. But fortunately, everything was okay, and she is now laughing about the situation.

Laura Thomas and Matthew Tansley are the parents of a miracle baby Lucas Tansley. They tell about how they both burst out laughing when they spotted the resemblance their little boy had to an alien from the film “Mars Attacks”. They noticed it when they got the piciture from an MRI scan. It showed their unborn son and they noticed that the picture was not usual.

Source – screenshot youtube (Inside Edition)

It looked exactly like an angry Martian from the cult classic. This is surely a funny memory for their family, and the boy will say that he scared his parents years later. Check out the video bellow to learn more about their story, and of course see the MRI picture and how the boy looks like now.

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