The neighbors were shocked to find out about the tunnel of this hard-working. The coolest story ever

by banber130389

This is a story about how the British man went down to his house’s basement for two years with a shovel. After noticing him through the window, some of the neighbors followed him to discover what he was doing. Peering through the ajar door, they found a lengthy passageway. The man’s daily departure of enormous construction sacks from the residence initially drew the notice of the neighbors.

They never heard any construction noise, so it was a real surprise for them. The man was not trying to hide it, he was just trying not to disturb anybody. He was happy to show everyone the result of his hard work

In the video bellow you can learn more about his story, and everything about the construction process. He created a cozy workplace for him, and it is impossible to imagine how much hard work it took him.

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