The neighbors became aware of a man diligently excavating large holes and filling soil sacks in his backyard.

by banber130389

In the summer of 2020, Alex Dodman from Essex, UK, embarked on an ambitious project: crafting a swimming pool right in his backyard. Together with his partner, Sarah, they had just moved into a new property that needed some tender care and ingenuity.

Alex, savvy in sourcing, found most of the project’s components on Facebook, saving a substantial amount by not hiring professional contractors. From sourcing materials to renting equipment and excavating the site, Alex oversaw every aspect.

Taking on tiling and plumbing himself, Alex managed to keep the entire remodeling cost to a mere $10,000, significantly less than the conventional route. Through sheer hard work and dedication, Alex realized his aspiration of creating a private oasis for his family.

However, Alex’s latest venture is his most daring yet. Settling in with Sarah, who works in human resources, and their children, Allie and Eddie, Alex has embarked on an endeavor to completely revamp their family home.

Previously demonstrating his DIY prowess by saving 75,000 pounds on a self-made home theater and gym, he’s now aiming for something grander: providing a home for his family. Dreaming of a backyard pool, Alex spotted an area that needed attention, triggering his decision to take on the role of an amateur builder.

To ensure the job was done right, he diligently researched the entire process, delving into tools and methodologies to attain his lofty goal. Always desiring a pool in his garden, Alex was convinced it would be a simple feat.

A chance lunch-break encounter with an instructional online video spurred Alex into immediate action, prompting him to rent a small digger by day’s end. However, he soon realized that building the pool was more challenging than anticipated, requiring time, effort, money, and intricate problem-solving skills to navigate unexpected hurdles.

Yet, through resilience and patience, Alex triumphed, now boasting an inviting sanctuary in his garden. Despite an unavoidable Covid-related delay, Alex drew inspiration from a YouTube video featuring a woman constructing a pool in Holland. Procuring the materials himself and leveling the land, he tackled each aspect single-handedly, proudly asserting, “I did every last part of it all by myself.”