The mother gorilla showed her baby after seeing a couple with their little baby. The cutest connection between mother hearts

by banber130389

It is a very difficult, emotional, and at the same time very pleasant experience to be a parent. And all this is not only about people. We want to share the story of these two mothers who shared a tender moment while caring their infants. In this story one of the mothers is a gorilla who really wanted to share her newborn.

These parents encountered with the mother gorilla at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and that is when the story began.

Emelina Austin and her husband Michael decided to take their baby to the zoo and have some fun time. But they could never expect that their wish to spend some fun time would turn into very emotional experience and it would even make them cry. Here they met new mother gorilla named Kiki. They were both moms, no matter what and they felt an invisible and strange connection between each other, and that is the cutest part of the story.

In the video bellow you can see how Kiki approaches and watches the little baby. She even tries to touch her, gently touch her face and hold her hand. The passers by were also very impressed by the image and said that it was the cutest thing they have ever seen.

The mother gorilla even showed her baby from the other side of the window, as if claiming that she is also a mother and knows what it feels like. She maybe saw similarity between them and that is why she loved the baby so much. Watch more details about this cute story in the vide bellow and share this with your friends and family too!