The most adorable home video on the internet. The little one knows that her husky is always there to protect

by banber130389

We think that many of you will agree, that the videos with children and their pets are the warmest, especially when they are filmed at home. You feel the energy, kindness and innocence coming from them, and it is what you need for a good and positive day.

We want to share with you a very beautiful and precious family video, that claims once more that pets, especially dogs are the real protectors of the kids, and kids know it very well. They are real best friends, and it is what real friendship looks like!

The video bellow shows an adorable and insanely sweet 11-year-old girl who is scared of the sound of the vacuum cleaner. The second she hears the sound, she runs and hugs her husky, who is calmly sitting in the corner. It seems that this is not the first time, and the adorable dog already knows that he needs to be there to calm his little human friend! This is too cute!

Check out the video bellow to watch that awesome moment, we are sure this will fill your day with positive energy. You can support us by sharing this article with your family and friends too, that way yiu can also make them smile. enjoy watching!