The moment when the parrot recognizes himself in the smartphone. He is the funniest and the cutest

by banber130389

Technologies always menage to impress and amaze us nowadays. We have developed s much over years and now we wait for more to be impressed. But we forget about animals, who still can be amazed by basic “wonders” of technology.

This funny video is a true demonstration for that. The owner decided to film her parrot on her phone but didn’t expect it to have this kind of turn. Her parrot was walking from side to side, when he suddenly realized he was seeing himself in the phone.

He stopped, approached the screen and for seconds was trying to understand what was going on. Then he gave kisses to the screen and said “It’s George”. His owner very happily responded, “Yeah! It’s you.”

It was such a cute moment and is worth watching. He continued walking and saying random words he knew, like “peek a boo, hey”, and even made barking noise. Just an adorable parrot enjoying some fun time, isn’t that cute!

Watch the video bellow, and see that very moment when he recognizes himself and gives kisses. We are sure this will make you smile. You can support us by sharing this with your friends and family too, enjoy watching!