The millionaire offered a promise of 300 thousand dollars and a business opportunity to anyone who would marry his daughter.

by banber130389

Every father wants the best for his daughter, and sometimes they take matters into their own hands to find a worthy life partner for her.

Arnon, a wealthy businessman from Thailand, has built a successful empire in the fruit industry, specializing in the prized durian fruit. As he approaches retirement, he seeks a suitable husband for his only daughter, Karnsita, whom he intends to pass his business to along with a substantial inheritance of three hundred thousand dollars.

The requirements for the groom are straightforward: to love Karnsita and possess responsible managerial skills.

Karnsita, 26 years old, is not only beautiful but also well-educated with proficiency in several foreign languages. She actively assists her father in running the business.

Despite their efforts, finding a suitable husband for Karnsita has proven challenging. Arnon once vetoed a potential match—a smart, hardworking man with durian plantation experience—simply because he deemed him too handsome and potentially unfaithful.

In a bid to find the perfect son-in-law, Arnon initially considered a competition where candidates would work on his plantation for three months, with the most competent earning Karnsita’s hand. However, the idea was overwhelmed by a massive response of ten thousand applicants.

Undeterred, Arnon remains optimistic that Karnsita will soon walk down the aisle. Karnsita herself supports her father’s quest, desiring only one quality in her future husband: a love for parties.