The military dad surprised his family with a secret visit. His son’s reaction is precious

by banber130389

Being away from your loved ones is a very difficult thing. There are being moments in your life when you just need them, and their one word, one hug can brighten your day. Now imagine how difficult it is for children to be away from their loved ones, especially from their parents, but this is something many children have to experience.

One of the main reasons for this is when their parents are in the military. They wait for them to come back home impatiently, and it is a real happiness for them to hug their parents after long time of serving.

We want to introduce you a very touching video that shows a military dad Cameron Yancey coming home after a very long time of absence. His son opens the door, and just imagine how surprised and happy he was at that moment! One of the most heartwarming moments of the video is when the boy yells: “Mommy, daddy’s home!”.

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