The man runs dressed as the character of Forest Gump. He is raising money for two organizations

by banber130389

There are people living among us, that are the resemblance of kindness and peace. They live to make difference, and show the world that good changes matter, even if they are little. They want to live a life to remember. This is the story of Rob Pope who is a father of one. He has decided to run across the Sahara Desert dressed up as the iconic character of Forrest Gump. He chose that character, as it was very inspiring for him.

Rob is in the Gunness Book of World Records for running 15,600 miles across the United States in 2016.the weather is very challenging for him. But now his challenge is more difficult, as it is very hot.

What he is doing is raising awareness and money for the two non-profit organizations and runs for Peace Direct and the World Wildlife Fund. He is inspired to go on, and continue his journey as long as it is possible.

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