The man found a well in the floor of his house, dating back to the 1500s. Here is the story

by banber130389

You can never tell when and how life will offer you surprises. Colin Steer, from Plymouth is the main hero of the article, and we want to share with you his unusual and unique story. He discovered a well in his house after he noticed a dip in the floor while redecorating his living room. This happened ten years ago and has since spent the last decade digging out the 17ft well and he succeed.

The 70-year-old believes that the well could date back to medieval times after discovering an old sword while digging out the well. He found an old ring, coins and as he says, during all the digging process he was waiting to find old maps.

In the video bellow you can see how the well in the house looks like now, and hear his story about how it all started, and how he worked hard to find out what it was, we are sure that it will be very interesting for you!

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