The man created a special instruction for taking his disabled dog for a walk. This is precious

by banber130389

We all are responsible for our pets, and we should do everything to make sure they are happy with us. They will help us in any kind of situation with no hesitation, and we need to do the same thing for them too. We want to share with you a very cute story about how the man “invented” a thing, that would help him take his disabled dog for a walk.

The hero in the video bellow is Vitale, a man from Italy who has a dog named Dylan. As we already mentioned, Dylan is disabled and is not able to walk long distances. But of course, as every other dog, he wants to go for a walk too, and discover new places and have fun. His loving owner has found the solution to his problem!

The adorable video was captured by Ms. Sabrina la Grotteria, who was just passing by and noticed that precious scene. We are lucky she was quick and filmed this, and shared it on social media! His extreme act of kindness warms hearts, his dedication is the sweetest thing ever.

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